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Our Story

Life is fun. Wear a bow tie.

Born out of the idea that getting dressed should be just as fun as living life, Ikonizaboy adds a whimsical twist to your sartorial look.

Every tie and bow tie is handcrafted with love and care in our hometown, which just so happens to be one of the most iconic fashion capitals of the world, Paris, France. As sisters we always knew we wanted to creatively share our love of fashion together. It wasn't until we lived in Japan, another hotbed of emerging fashion trends, did our idea of mixing our background in haute couture with urban, retro-chic style come to life. We also find excitement and curiosity in androgynous fashion. Let’s face it, defining one’s style as “masculine” or “feminine” can be limiting. We’re blurring those lines and love seeing both men and women wear Ikonizaboy.

Try on a tie or bow tie and let’s have fun.